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The one feel which is always there in our hearts & mind, that feeling is ‘Don’t worry God will do everything correct’. ‘God is still there’. This feel itselves gives one hope to face each & every hurdle with guts & fearlessly.

Slowly & steadily the time pase ran out. The surroundings, things & humans around us kept on changing. Many Centuries came & many had gone, but just one thing which came but had never gone & remained still everytime i.e. God.

God took birth on this Earth in the very starting pase of Kalyug. Each & every God & Goddess taught lessons of Life in diffrent ways to the entire humankind. There were kind people & there were harm giving people existing on this Earth. God supported everytime in each way to the Good people without any conditions, so that good people can pass & spread their goodness in the entire mankind. All the God & Goddess also supported the harm giving people, but they kept condition before harm giving people, that if you will harm the people with your power then we will stole your power from you & such situation will arise that you will reach towards death. The thing with this is to remember that ‘ God will never let his devotees face any problems in any situations’. He will always provide strange to this devotees to pass all the hurdles with guts & strange.

God gave the example of his presence on Earth many a times & in each manner. What so called the situation may be the true fighters will always have God besides them to pass & face the situation with confidence. Before starting any work first remember God in your mind. Bow besides him, & just say to God that, ” Dear God I am starting this work or I am going to try this new thing in my life for the first time. Please bless me & remain with me throughout my path.” After saying this sentence start your work & after that just see the magic. God will make you stand on our desired destination. Your predefined goal will be in your feet. You will feel the joy of your success.

God is just everywhere. He is in your heart. He is un your voice. He is in your moments. He is in your complete body. He is in your surrounded atmosphere. He is with you in your good times. He is also with you in your hard times. He is there to pull you out from your harsh situations. He is also a teacher to taught you at that time when you do something unusual. He us a gift who comes to you on your parties. He remains in the blessings of your parents & blessings if your family members. He is that laughter with you wear on your face when you feel joyful. He us tears of your eyes when you cry. He is your body moments which you do everyday. He is that good result which you achieve in your life. He is the good deeds which we do in our life.

God is that one hope in the life, whose doorsteps & help will always be there in our life when we need it the most. When nobody is there to help us only God is there who shows the correct way & who also helps us in the true manner & too according too our comfortability. When all the humans will leave our hand only God is the one who will live with us in our all the situations of the life. When nobody will show trust on us, only God will remain there, who will show his trust on us. With the help of the God the tuff hurdles can be crossed out with the new & real experience & knowledge.

Humans of the world may close your eyes, but God will be there who will open your eyes widely. When the rests will boycot you, only God will accept you. When the rests will disrespect you, only God will give your respect back to you. When the rests will disguard you only God will guard you. When you will loose everything, God will be there to give you back everything. Your all the unusual paths God will turn it in to usual paths.

Keep faith in God. Bow to God daily. Pray before God daily. Try to understand the hints given by God. Follow the hints provided to you by God. Never leave God. Never forget in anything. Never forget God in any situations. Never forget to remember God before starting any work, new business or even for any personal reasons. Be the biggest devotee of the God.



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