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Quote of my life.

बंजर ज़मीन से शुरू की थी यह जिंदगी, आज उसी ज़मीन पर हरे भरे वृक्ष उग गए है और उसमें रंगबिरंगे फूलों के साथ स्वादिष्ट फल भी पक गए है, जो दिख तो बहुत अच्छे रहे हैं पर उसके साथ उनका स्वाद भी बहुत मीठा है।

This upper quote means as below.

I have started writing before 8 years ago without any thought in my mind about continuing it for the rest if my life. Because it was my very initial stage so I was not knowing that I will love to become a writer & will make it my most important passion of my life. Moving on further I just become very happy so I continued writing more & more since last 8 years & today I can see vast improvement in myself.

The criteria of seeing my Life has changed completely. I am becoming sharper & sharper day by day. I have started seeing my life as joy, happiness, enjoyment fun. Now I know the seriousness of my life. I can catch & understand the human minds more precisely & in a quite good manner.

I am very happy to be recognised myselves as a writer. I am very happy with the gains of my life. I have become more matured, knowledgeable & I am experiencing very much from my life & from my surrounding atmosphere. I am very thankful to the God who blessed me with such a skill which become a gem of my Life. I am also thankful to my family members who always supported me at each & every point of my life. Thank you to the God & my family who showed, suggested & supported me to let me move ahead in my life & to let me do whatever I like to do & for always being there at each & every point of my life.


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