Before coming to the Conclusion think.

Humans are always very quick & also in a hurry for taking the decisions every now & then. Sometimes the situation is like that we are having a lake of time so due to that reason we take decisions in a hurry.Some times it’s like that we don’t think much & take decisions in a hurry. And sometimes its like that if we have thought than too the decision comes wrong due to some reasons. And rest of the times our decisions are absolutely correct & on the point one.

The decision is only the one that due to which our life ongoing situations or future situations always gets affected . If our decision is analysed & examined in a perfect manner than it sparkles stars towards the whole way of our goals. But if even we missed a single point while thinking of all the situations or take a decision with incomplete information than at that time we ourselves only are the one who have set hurdles on our life ways.

I can’t understand that why the people knowingly about the result than too they take wrong decisions. We can sometimes predefined our own results though our deeds.

If we choose such paths which are tricky & puzzled one than surely there are all the chances of occuring more mistakes one by one in that path, due to this thing we loose our main objective of achieving the goal. We get scattered in the path. Because of this choice of tricky path for achieving the goal we will loose its importance & we will get tired off from our goal & we will stop our mission of achieving our goal in the between only because of just one wrong decision of choice of path.

We are even pressured of taking decisions told by others, they may be our family, friends, our employees, or boss too. If happens that we are pressurised by them of taking wrong or unofficial decisions or the decisions which may be proven good for others but not of ourself.

Our elders have grip of saying that you don’t need to thing & do what ever you want to do. You just follow the way we show you or say in such a manner how we have decided for you. Act, react, adjust in the way how we set conditions for you. Don’t demand for your dreams before us. Don’t speak your words before us. Don’t give your opinion to us we don’t need it, because we are quite much more matured than you so you just keep silence & just keep on doing & follow in the way how we say to do. We think best for you. We will give you the best.

Our elders also become hurdle in our life by saying this words or by their reaction or due to orthodoxy in there thoughts or due to there mental condition or due to there age factor or due to the generation gap or due to there life experinces.

Dependency of ourself on others also proves a hurdle in acheveing the goal. If happens that sometimes we are dependent for so many thinks on others. That things may be small, big, may be we would have shared our secrets with others or due to some other strong or grip holding reasons we are dependent on others. That dependency proves biggest stress & reacts as hyper tension of our life. Due to this dependency we can’t take open or free minded decisions. We have to obey the decision took by others because of this dependency.

So many factors does not allow us to take our own decisions. But at that time we will have to explain & fight before all for our rights. Because if we will not take stand for our own dreams or we will not speak for ourselves than we will loose our life & our life will not be worth living if will really prove a stress for us. Always think in the bestest manner than only come to the conclusion & after that only keep your objective on action this will give to the bestest result & you will be the best goal achiever of your life. Thinking in best manner & reacting in true manner in all the situation will also give you recognition before the world. So many pupil will become your follower & for many people you will also become a rolemodel for their lives. All will respect you, ask you, discuss with you, obey you because of your correct decisions & true & real things & unbaised decisions.

Always think before coming in the conclusions. Become the way if your as well as your well wishers life. Become the light of your & others life rather than being a darkness & black smoke of yours & others life. Try to become a way shower rather than becoming a way taker or way spoiler of others. Become an instance for others. Choose correct ways. Make mistakes but take lessons from it & get experience from it & solve your mistakes be knowledgeable. Make mistakes your true teachers & try to become an obedient students of it, because if you will not become an obedient student of your mistakes than you will never be able to solve it in it’s correct manner. Be wise be happy. Live enjoyable life with experiences & fun. Give your best to the life, don’t expect from your life to give you the best. Stay blessed. Live long.

Keep this in your mind.

If you are scared or not ready to become a father, than I warn you please even don’t try to touch the girl with even your smallest finger too. Please don’t spoil the life of any one because the thing with you do is not your feelings it’s just spoiling others life. If you can’t sparkle stars in anyone’s life than don’t try to ruin anyone’s life. Because you are the king or queen of your life only & not of others life. You can’t make fun of the life’s very important phase.

Keep striving to achieve your goals.

You will get millions on the way who are trying & striving alot for achieving the ambition, but dropping the aimbition without achieving it due to the feeling of failure & tiredness of trying to achieve the goal, but you will only meet few on the way who will never loose the hope no matters how much times they need to strive to achieve the goal, they will keep on trying at any cost & any situation, but they will not get tired & restless or even they will not feel to drop their desires, they will achieve at any cost & will meet the success anyhow.

Poem in Hindi for MOM. (मां)

मां वोह हैं, जो हर एक दुख का सुख हैं।
मां वोह है , जो हर आंसू आने पर खुशी हैं।
मां वोह हैं, जो ज़िंदगी के हर एक स्वाद में मीठाश लाती हैं।
मां वोह हैं, जो हर एक पल को खुशी से भर देती हैं।
मां वोह हैं, जो ज़िंदगी को बेहतरीन बनाती हैं।
मां वोह हैं, जो हर पल में साथ देती हैं।
मां वोह हैं, जो हमे डांटने बाद खुद आकर प्यार करती हैं।
मां वोह हैं, जो हमे हमारी गलती पर प्यार से सब समझाती हैं।
मां वोह हैं, जो हमे हमारे किसी भी वक़्त पर छोड़ कर नहीं जाती हैं।
मां वोह हैं, जो हमेशा दूर होकर भी हमारे पास होती हैं।
मां वोह हैं, जो सभी मस्किलो को आसानी से पार करना सिखाती हैं।
मां वोह हैं, जो सभी मस्किलो का दत के सामना करना सिखाती हैं।
मां वोह हैं, जो सभी मस्किलो का बिना डरे सामना करना सिखाती हैं।
मां वोह हैं, जो हर मुश्किल आसान बनाती हैं।
मां वोह हैं, जो ज़रूरत पड़ने पर हमारी दोस्त भी बन जाती हैं।
मां वोह हैं, जो हमारे खालीपन को भी हराभरा बना देती हैं।
मां वोह हैं, जो हमारे खालीपन को खुशियों में बदल देती हैं।
मां वोह हैं, जब कोई साथ ना देता हो तब हमारे पास आकर कहती हैं के में हमेशा तुम्हारे ही साथ हूं।

जो मा कर सकती हैं वह इस दुनिया में और कोई भी इंसान ऐसा नहीं कर सकता हैं। दुनिया की सभी मां को दिल से प्रणाम और सलाम।