Sometimes it’s better to appreciate the person rather than keeping him/her depreciating everytime.

કોઈક વાર કોઈ વ્યક્તિ સારા અને સાચા કામ કરે તો એની પ્રશંસા કરવી જોઈએ, કારણ કે માણસ નો સ્વભાવ છે કે કોઈક ખોટું કરે અથવા તો ભૂલ કરે તો તોકવાનું ક્યારેય બાકી રાખતો નથી, પણ એની જગ્યાએ સારું કરે તો એના વખાણ કરવાનું ભૂલી જાય છે. આવ કરવાથી કોઈ વ્યક્તિ જે સારા કામ કરતું હોય ને એ પોતાના ઓ પાસેથી પોતાની પ્રશંસા સંભાળવાની રાહ જ જોતો રહી જાય છે પણ ક્યારેય કોઈ એને બે સારા બોલ બોલી ને એને પ્રોત્સાહન આપતું જ નથી. પણ હા જો એ વ્યક્તિ કોઈ ભૂલ કરે તો ટોકવામાં તો જરાય વાર લગાડતું નથી. આવ જ્યારે બહુ થઈ ને ત્યારે વ્યક્તિ ઓ એક સમય પછી સારા કામ કરતા પણ મુંઝાવા માંડે છે એ જ વિચારીને કે એના થી ફરી જો ભૂલ થઈ તો બધા પાછા ટોકવા માંડશે એના કરતાં એ વ્યક્તિ એ જ વિચારે છે કે જોઈ પણ જાત ના કામ જ કરાય પણ નહિ અને શીખાય પણ નહિ જે થી આપડને કોઈ ટોકે જ નહિ. કારણ કે જ્યારે હું સારું કામ કરું ત્યારે કોઈ પણ મારી પ્રશંસા કે દરકાર કરતું નથી પણ મારાથી જો નાની અમથી પણ ભૂલ થઈ જાય તો બધા જ એક સાથે ટોક્યા જ કરે છે.


કોઈક ની દરકાર અને અમુક સમયે ગણના કરવી પણ જરૂરી છે, કારણકે વારે વારે કોઈક ની કરેલી અવગણના અને ભૂલો જ કાઢવાથી એ વ્યક્તિ પણ એક સમય પછી તમને સાંભળવાનું બંધ કરી દે છે અને એ વ્યક્તિ પણ બીજી વ્યક્તિઓ માં ભૂલ જ શોધ્યા કરે છે અને બીજા ની પણ અવગણના કરવાનું જ તમારી પાસેથી જ શીખે છે.

Choose true ways

Never be satisfied with the gains from shortcut ways. Always choose true & real way which give us true confidence, knowledge & experience & hard work. Never choose wrong & shortcut ways for being millionaire. Always choose real way which may give us success after along, but result & achievement of that success will remain & walk with us for the rest of our Life.


If your one time ‘Investment’ can pay you or can give you returns for Life time. Than that one Investment is the bestest option to take rather than to neglect it after listening the Finance or seeing the rule book. You can postpone that Investment untill you hold a strong bond on Money but remember it that once you are ready after studying each & every conditions & when you feel that this is the bestest decision because everything is correct & up to mark than, don’t neglect it because of any rubbish reason.

A man I want.

I don’t want a man Rich with Money. But I want a man Rich which capacity, Rich which heart, & Rich with honesty & Rich with trust worthiness. Because Man with money can just offer artificial luxurious but man with rich capacity, honesty, heart & trust worthiness may give us money after a long time. But that money is the true sign of honesty & true hard work behind it. Money can’t offer capacity & honesty but Capacity & honesty can give us Money. Money has a predefined time limit, it can’t stay stable for our rest of the life. But capacity & honesty can stay stable with us for life long & man with such diamond heart will never cheat us & will always give love & always treats us with self respect.

It’s the thing to think.

કેવી અજીબ છે કા
જ્યારે માણસ માણસાઈ રાખે ત્યારે બધા તેને ગણતા નથી અને એ માણસો ની અવગળના કરે છે, અને જ્યારે એ માણસ બધું ભૂલી ને આગળ વધી જાય છે અથવા તો બધું છોડી ને જાતાં રહે છે ત્યારે બધા એને યાદ કરે છે અને એ માણસો પાછા આવે એવી પ્રાર્થના કરે છે.

Har har Mahadev

Finally Lord Mahadev’s month started from today according to Gujarati Calender. The month of Mahadev is denoted as ‘SHRAVAN MONTH’. This month consists of 30 days. The first Fifteen days of these Shravan Month is denoted as ‘SHRAVAN SUD EKAM TO PUNAM’ & the next fifteen days is considered as ‘SHRAVAN VAD EKAM TO AMASH’.

This full moon day is called ‘PURNIMA’ & that is the 15th day of the month. The half moon day is called ‘AMAAVASHIYA’ & that is on the 30th day i.e. last day of the Month according to Gujarati Calender.

The Shravan month can also be denoted as ‘THE BIRTH MONTH OF LORD SHREE KRISHNA’. The birth of SHREE KRISHNA comes in Shravan month. The birth of SHREE KRISHNA comes in last 15 days of SHRAVAN MONTH. Shree Krishna was born on SHRAVAN SUD AATHAMA’ at midnight 12 o clock.

Shree Krishna’s birth is denoted as ‘JANMASTMI’. This Janmastmi is a festival and it is celebrated for 5 day  & also for 1 month. But 5 day are celebrated with fun, enjoyment, happiness. In this 5 days people celebrates mainly as ‘MATKI FOD MAHORSAV’.

In Matki Fod Mahotsav the group of girls & boys, girls & girls group, boys & boys group gathers together at each & every street lanes & over there one matki is hanged at a very big height. And in that matki Lord Shree Krishna’s favourite ‘MAKHAN’ i.e. ‘BUTTER’ candies & gulal are kept in that matki which the group of boys & girls have break down that matki by making a pyramid of the groups (of girls & boys) they have to reach till that matki. This ‘MAKTI FOD CELEBRATION’ is celebrated as a competition between two or more groups. Those who ever team who teaches towards that matki & breaks down that matki that group wins the competition & they are honoured with prices & various gifts.

In the 5 days a Mela is organised at a place by State Government at proper place in which various rides, various food items, various toys for kids, various accessories for boys & girls or elders are included, various sell of instruments, various study materials are also included & well planned in various stoles. Stoles are alloted by the government of state. This Mela is denoted as ‘LOK MELA’ in Gujarati.

The another Mela is also organised symontously by private investors of the state. This private Mela is organised for 1 month. This private Mela is denoted as ‘ROYAL MELA’ There are so many private investors so Royal Mela are organised at various places of the city. Where as Lok Mela is only one & it’s organised only at one place of the city. Each & every cities of Gujarat state have to obey the same pattern of Lok Mela & Royal Mela. Royal Mela is has same pattern & things like rides, food items, instruments, study items, cold drinks, home decoration items, kitchen ware items, God’s vastra or ornaments are included in both the Melas i.e. Lok Mela & Royal Melas.

At the day of SHRAVAN VAD AMAVASHIYA the month of Lord Shiva gets over. In this month the devotees of lord Shiva keeps fasts, prays to Lord Shiva daily according to the rituals given in the ‘SHASTRA’ (RELIGIOUS BOOKS). People pours the milk from copper vessel on the Shivaleeng or murti of LORD SHIVA. People bestowals flowers of Rose, Sunflower, Mogra in the feets of LORD SHIVA. People also pours gulaal on the feet of Lord Shiva. People pours water on LORD SHIVA’S SHIVALEENGS of various Shiv temples. People takes tuff refrains & prays alot before Lord Shiva during this month. This month is special for Gujaratis as it a month of LORD SHIVA itself. People prays & takes blessings of the God & does adoration of the God Shiva on the temples according to the Rituals that too in the proper manner & with the proper customs described in the ‘HOLY BOOKS’ or the ‘SHASTRA’


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