Happy Birthday Kanhuda.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday MY MAKHAN  CHOR & NATKHAT KANIYA. Keep you blessings on us. And I pray to you to be with all your devotees at each & every steps of there Lifes. Wish you a very happy birthday MY BANSI BAJAIYA. HAPPY JANMASTMI TO ALL. LOVE YOU ALOT KANHA. 💐🙏🌹😍🥰♥️😘


Today is the Birthday of Lord Shree Krishna. According to Hindu Calendar he is born on SHRAVAN VAD ASTHMI in the Month of SHRAVAN.

His birth time is 12 at Mid Night on

SHRAVAN VAD ASTHMI. After his birth, the whole village named GOKUL was decorated. After his on the next morning all the Gopis (all the women of Gokul village is denoted as Gopis) & all the Gopas (all the men of Gokul is denoted as Gopas) started doing traditional RAAS (dance) of Gujarat called GARBA on that day they even sang various songs among that one song is very popular that is this
Nand Ghar anand Bhayo,
Jai Kaniya LAL ki,
Haathi diyo Ghoda diyo air diyo palkhi,
Haathi Ghoda palkhi,
Jai ho Nand lal,
Jai ho Nand lal ki,
Jai Kaniya LAL ki.

The Shravan month can also be denoted as ‘THE BIRTH MONTH OF LORD SHREE KRISHNA’. The birth of SHREE KRISHNA comes in Shravan month. The birth of SHREE KRISHNA comes in last 15 days of SHRAVAN MONTH. Shree Krishna was born on SHRAVAN SUD AATHAMA’ at midnight 12 o clock.

Shree Krishna’s birth is denoted as ‘JANMASTMI’. This Janmastmi is a festival and it is celebrated for 5 day  & also for 1 month. But 5 day are celebrated with fun, enjoyment, happiness. In this 5 days people celebrates mainly as ‘MATKI FOD MAHORSAV’.

In Matki Fod Mahotsav the group of girls & boys, girls & girls group, boys & boys group gathers together at each & every street lanes & over there one matki is hanged at a very big height. And in that matki Lord Shree Krishna’s favourite ‘MAKHAN’ i.e. ‘BUTTER’ candies & gulal are kept in that matki which the group of boys & girls have break down that matki by making a pyramid of the groups (of girls & boys) they have to reach till that matki. This ‘MAKTI FOD CELEBRATION’ is celebrated as a competition between two or more groups. Those who ever team who teaches towards that matki & breaks down that matki that group wins the competition & they are honoured with prices & various gifts.

In the 5 days a Mela is organised at a place by State Government at proper place in which various rides, various food items, various toys for kids, various accessories for boys & girls or elders are included, various sell of instruments, various study materials are also included & well planned in various stoles. Stoles are alloted by the government of state. This Mela is denoted as ‘LOK MELA’ in Gujarati.

The another Mela is also organised symontously by private investors of the state. This private Mela is organised for 1 month. This private Mela is denoted as ‘ROYAL MELA’ There are so many private investors so Royal Mela are organised at various places of the city. Where as Lok Mela is only one & it’s organised only at one place of the city. Each & every cities of Gujarat state have to obey the same pattern of Lok Mela & Royal Mela. Royal Mela is has same pattern & things like rides, food items, instruments, study items, cold drinks, home decoration items, kitchen ware items, God’s vastra or ornaments are included in both the Melas i.e. Lok Mela & Royal Melas.

On JANMASTMI we take new cloth, Saaj & Sringaar for Lord Shree Krishna. We make him ready with Joy & do his Seva( we worship him). We do everything according to the Rituals mentioned in the Veda.


Remember my words.

Never mind if you break everyone trust or even if you leaves them at a point.

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t matter to you.

But remember my one point, don’t even think of distrusting your own God or breaking your trust upon God or leaving your trust off from the God in the between.

Because if you’ll do this, remember that you are binding or closing all the necessary doors of your own life with your own hands and you are digging the tomb of death itself by not trusting in God.

Remember my words.

सबका भरोसा तोड़ कर जाओ या छोड़ दो तो कोई बात नहीं,

इससे अगर आपको फर्क नहीं पड़ता तो कोई बात नहीं।

पर मेरी एक बात याद रखना एक बार अपने भगवान पर भरोसा करके उसे छोड़ने की या तोड़नेकी सोचना भी मत,

क्योंकि अगर ऐसा करोगे तो याद रखना तुम खुद ही अपने जीवन के सभी जरूरी दरवाज़े खुद ही अपने हाथो से बंध कर रहे हो और आपने मृत्यु की कब्र भी तुम खुद ही भगवान पर भरोसा ना करके खुद ही जीतेजी खोद रहे हो।

किसी ओर से क्या उम्मीद रखना।

किसी ओर के पास क्या इंसाफ मांगने जाना,
जब हमारे आपने ही हमे गनेगार समझ कर हमे कटघाहरे में खड़ा कर चुके है।

Only our Thinking Capacity has no limit.

Thinking Capacity of our Mind is just one thing existing on this Earth which has Endless Capacity. I mean to say is we can think about any thing endlessly more & more & also without a stop. God has only given the Capacity just to our Mind to think whatever we want, also how much we desire to thik, how much we want to think. God has only Gifted our Thinking Capticity with a Manufacturing Date & not with an Expiry Date. Only our Thinking Capacity does not need any break or a Stop to think about any thing.

Everything else existing on this Earth meets an End Point & gets Expired One Day due to a specific reason. Everything else also has a capacity to carry forward its own work. After that capacity it needs a Break or a Stop.

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