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Happy Marriage Anniversary My Beloved.


I love you from the bottom of My Heart My Love. I wish you a very Happy Anniversary as well as I wish & Pray besides Almighty for providing us lots of Happiness, Strength, Honesty, Trustworthiness and our Relation to become more & more Stronger every single Second for the Rest of Our Breathe. I auth besides Almighty that I love you and I will keep on Loving your till the End Breathe of My Life. I just expect you to stand & stay besides my side in this stronger manner only for the rest of my Life. I will also Pray and wish for your Longest, Healthiest, Strongest & Strengthful Life besides the Almighty. Our Marriage is the most True Happening thing for which I prayed & wished to happen as early as possible from the Almighty My Beloved. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY BELOVED.


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